Is the Webflow hosting service visible in Europe?

Kind of a strange question but believe it or not my current hosting service has most of Europe (Italy, Norway, and a few other countries) entirely blocked because they can’t handle the excessive attacks from those countries. Since I’m planning on migrating to the Webflow service here shortly to host our company website, I was wondering if the visibility in Europe and elsewhere high, or if they have some countries blocked as well and if so which ones?

Hi, I am currently working on several sites, and it’s very fast to browse them when published. Working in the Designer is also very fast. I’m in France at the moment.

I can’t seem to find back a post made a few month ago by Webflow official describing the changes in hosting. They were saying they’ve migrated to the best hosting service on the planet, no less, and they’re super happy with it.

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Thanks Vincent. Can anyone else in Europe or from Webflow chime in and add to this?

Hi @ssmipi, there can be a lot of factors involved with site blocking, and not all of it having anything to do with the hosting per se.

Our sites are hosted on AWS servers and inherit all the security and reliability from using one of the most secure services in the world. More info here:

I have never seen it happen yet that a site has been blocked like that in Webflow.

​I hope this helps. If not, please let me know – I’m happy to assist further! :slight_smile:


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@cyberdave So how are AWS and Fastly connected? Isn’t something with Webflow hosted on Fastly?

Nevermind, found the article

Everything is working fine for me in Poland :)

It all looks pretty good. I guess I’ll make the leap. It’s always a little scary moving a domain to a new server. But I can’t see any flaws so far. And the Webflow editor simply ROCKS!

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