Domain on one project and a subdomain on another project?

I have a domain on one project and want to add a subdomain to another separate project, is that possible?

Example: → Project 1 (CMS Plan) → Project 1 (CMS Plan) → Project 2 (Basic Plan)

@iv_web yes that should be possible if you create an A record for that sub domain and point it to the records that Webflow gives you.

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I guess I need to start figuring out how to do this exactly, I’m still brand new to webflow :slight_smile:

@iv_web who is your domain registrar?

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I dont have a problem with the domain registrar, just pointing the subdomain do my project.

The reason I asked about your registrar is so I could provide you a specific guide on the steps you would need to take in order to get your subdomain pointed to your project.