Does webflow upload buttons have malware detection?

Hello everyone,

This is rather important because it’s been asked from my client. Does webflow upload button have a malware detection feature? And if it’s not the case, does anyone know if there’s a third party?


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Hi there!

Sadly, I’m pretty sure the only thing it blocks is .exe files. Been looking for an alternative myself aswell.

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Thank you @RoryVB for your input… Sorry if I sound so noob but can a malware be anything else than an .exe file?

Short answer: yes, long answer: yeeeees.

Jokes aside, I personally wouldn’t open any files send by the form in a vulnerable environment. A virus could easily disguise itself as an .doc for example.

Ahah, ok I see…
i’m actually using zapier to transfer those uploaded documents to my client’s email.
Is there any plugin/app that could do the filtering inside a zap for example?

@Simon_De_Ridder - you should head over to Zapier and use that website to answer your question.