Does Webflow has its own RSS/Webhook for their updates?

Hi all,

Just to make it clear. This topic is not about he functionality of RSS or Webhooks within Webflow.

I’m running a Dutch Webflow community with some friends on Discord. I want to post every new Webflow feature update into a specific channel. In Discord you can do this with Webhooks. So I was wondering if this is possible with the updates from Webflow?

Thanks for your reply!

Yes, Webflow has webhooks (take a look in the “integrations” part of the site settings).

2020-06-04 - Analytics - Webflow

Please note that quick publishing something does not trigger the webhook. Only publishing the entire site does.

In the CMS collection page template settings, you can enable RSS feeds.

2020-06-04 19_32_39-Webflow -

Same thing here - it won’t update the RSS feed unless you publish the entire site. Quick publishing (using the dropdown when saving a CMS item and hitting publish) does not update it.

When you’ve created both, use a tool like Zapier or Integromat or your favorite Discord RSS feed bot to autopublish things on Discord. There are a number of options here. Some need the webhooks, others don’t.

Thanks for the reply! This is indeed the functionality of a Webook within a custom made website on Webflow. But sorry to say, that is not what I was looking for.

I just want to trigger a new update which is posted on into for instance Zapier, and post it on Discord. So I can track updates that Webflow is pushing more easily to our community

So I don’t want to create my own website with a Webhook functionality, I just want to push Weblow updates to my Discord channel.

Oh I see, my bad!
If webflow does not have this functionality, a scraper might work (in tandem with for example Integromat). I’ve used Parsehub to great effect scraping content once per day to find changes in things.

Hmmm that’s to bad. A Twitter like ‘WebflowUpdates’ with only Tweeting updates would be a nice addition I think. Also useful for ideas like this one haha.]

Thanks anyway for the help Fonsume!