Does the chat on the Dashboard actually work?

I was on my Dashboard today, wanting to get some quick information to a question I had, but no one ever answered. Is this actually manned or responded to?

Hi @msteveng

It depends on the timezone where you are. It should be, but some of the team who reply are PST, so if you’re in the UK it’s 8 hours behind.

If it’s not sensitive information you need to discuss, is there anything one of us here could help with now?

I am in the US in CST … I posted my question and no response at all

Fair enough, things can occasionally get missed unfortunately I guess.

You can email directly where the team will always try and get back to you as soon as possible.

I’ve always had a good response from support but sometimes things take a little longer when they’re working flat out to ship new features.

If you are building a site with Webflow already, don’t forget to send your share link if it’s an issue with your build as this can help speed up a reply.

Hi Mark,

I don’t have a website / project built that is worth sharing at this point, or one to the point where I need specific guidance which is why I haven’t included it yet.

I want to thank you for reaching out to me regarding my post. It’s one of the features that has attracted me to Webflow as well.

I did submit a ticket to billing to get clarification about the plans and what I get for what I have paid for and they did respond; much to my dismay, didn’t get the answer I was hoping for.

Anyway, I just thought it was odd if they put a chat capability in the dashboard, there wasn’t any response at all such as we are serving other customers, different time zones affecting responses, etc.

Thanks again for your comments

Its a very valid point, I’ll certainly make sure to mention it to one of the team @anais @PixelGeek . I appreciate it’s frustrating if you’re left hanging when looking for answers to make a decision.

If you do decide to take up Webflow then be assured that the support in the forums is amazing! It’s how I managed to leave my full time job and make a living at it and the forum was truly invaluable to me.

All the best,

Hi @msteveng

Sorry for the non-response to your questions. I’ll look for your ticket now and answer ASAP.

Looks like @mistercreate has been answering your questions :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies. I am sure it’s just a minor oversight. This forum is great!

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