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Priority Support Turnaround Time

What is the Priority Support (priority@webflow.com) turnaround time?

might as well also ask the same about

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I guess that I could but none of those seem very fast or thorough lately. I assumed Priority would be the fastest.

Hi @jdesign @samliew

Thanks for posting and good questions.

We typically try to respond to all support channels within 24 hours.

With Intercom chat in the Dashboard / marketing pages you will typically receive an immediate response but wait times may take up to 30 minutes during peak volume (if you reach out during business hours: 6am - 6pm PT). It’s also important to note that for certain technical or billing questions may may ask you to reach out through our contact form as these questions can be tracked and resolved more efficiently in our support inbox.

We offer fast email support to paid accounts and prioritized help for team accounts. Paid accounts receive responses first out of all emails that go to support@webflow.com or billing@webflow.com. I can’t say there is an exact time frame difference between the two, but Priority support (offered for customers with paid accounts) receive a response first.

It’s always best to reach out to us through our Contact form as this provides the most information for our team up front so we can provide a solution in less time / replies back and forth.

It’s also worth mentioning we can assist with any questions or issues included in our statement of support. For Design or Code help questions we typically provide a bit of insight, but ask that you post here on the Forums.

The Forum is definitely a unique channel. Our staff tries to foster growth in the community here so we typically will respond to Bugs, general Webflow questions (like this one), and Announcements. That’s not to say we don’t ever hop into other categories like Design Help, CMS Help, Interactions, etc, but we do try to allow community members to help other community members :slight_smile:

Hope this clarifies things for you!


I’ve never seen an Intercom chat option in my Dashboard nor on the Learn & Support link page. I do see it on the marketing pages but only on occasion. For example, I haven’t seen it popup once today.

@jdesign You’ll only see it in the dashboard under the Hosting tab:

So my take on where these are placed is basically that they are all to do with pricing and sales and not really support. They aren’t placed in places where you would naturally think support. This is much like pricing for the Webflow product vs hosting is still a bit confusing…Do a test, ask a client/friend to look at the Webflow site and then ask them to tell you what it will cost them to run a site with Webflow.

I do want to add…you guys have a great team and do appreciate the support you provide! When a company’s product has grown so fast it’s impossible not to have a few growing pains.:grinning:

Hi @jdesign

Definitely appreciate your feedback here.

We have the intercom chat in the hosting tab at this point because we get a lot of questions around adding custom domains + DNS set up. This topic can be tricky for customers that are new to Webflow or web design as a whole.

We are always trying to improve our support along with the product, and feedback like this definitely helps — Thank you! :bowing_man:

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