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Does editing the h1 effect all the other headings?

Hi All,

Not sure what is going on.

Does editing the h1 effect all the other headings? Have I done something to make it so?

and is this the reason why (as seen in attached image) h1 written next to my h2 & h3, despite the fact that no such class has been applied or for that matter exists…?

Screenshot 2021-02-10 at 16.51.07|147x500

You have created a class called h1.
What ever you have the class h1 attached to will change as you change it.
Does not care if its a H1, H2 or text block or div.
To fix, goto H2 click on the class h1 and duplicate it and rename it from h1 copy to h2 for example.

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There is no .h1 class applied to it. Thats what’s throwing me. I deleted it. There’s an .h2 class on the h2 and a .h3 on the h3 and yet its saying h1!. The style manager does say there’s another .h1 on another page and does indeed seem to be to be affecting it (as I can see by changing its name)… and yet when I go on the page I cant find it…and Its def not in the CSS file as Ive checked it in VS Code & browser tools. Miffed.

this is what heading looks like with no class applied,
Screenshot 2021-02-10 193830

I would take a screen shot of all the style changes, reset them all, clear any class and then use the all settings
Screenshot 2021-02-10 194155

Hope that helps

Yeah its what I’m doing. Was going to move my headings out of a BEM naming/class structure anyways. Its an odd one though. Hopefully I’ll get to the bottom of it. Im sure its (as per usual) staring me in the face! Thanx for the help, appreciated

I know I had issues with headings some time back and to fix I resulted in some clear out.
Note also that webflow can get a bit messed up and I find delete and rebuild a whole section sometimes clears stuff.

Got it working by deleting all, but still without out working out why. But then I came across this and Im sure this is the reason. The div has a band__section applied to it,yet its not showing up in the selector area and the div in question still as the grey dotted outline sowing nothing has being applied to it…Yet the css settings are applied to it.

Is it a bag or is there something I’m missing?

Sorry my macbookpro keyboard is playing up! Should have learnt to proof read by now!

I see where you are coming from but I think if you modify anything inside that it will create a new class. I think lots of edits can sometimes leave some crap or webflow code around and it gets messy.
Now coincidently Webflow posted this yesterday
AND I added my 2p worth of knowledge to it -
They need to change section to have a tag of section by default.
They do add a hidden class id of section, they should show this or have an “all sections” so you can configure. When you edit all you are doing is adding a second class which is extra code.
I do like the icon to show its a section but I would recommend to use a div, give it a class of section, give it a tag of section and configure it as your default.
So don’t use section, create a div and tag it as a section.
PS for anyone reading I do consultancy work for Webflow designers who want to push there work up in performance scores or sweep clean there design for best practice etc. PM me.

Its not showing up in the CSS. Very odd. I like webflow, but tbh coding it up takes a tenth of the time & you write far better CSS/JS (No JQuery)

@Tanc Been using Webflow for 3+ years now and just came across a weird, oddly similar issue to yours… or I’ve just been building the wrong way for years now…? Idk genuinely confused.

All of my headings and even some paragraphs got messed up after making some global changes last night even though most of my instances of H1/H2 throughout the site have their own custom classes.

It looks like when I made various changes to global styles, it overrode currently in-place values for my existing custom classes or something… idk really still not sure on this one but it seems like there’s either a bug or Webflow’s precedence for global style changes has been modified…

If global classes are updated, it will still update the H1 instances that have explicit classes set, if the style you’re updating hasn’t been set there.

Instances this could happen:

  • Add a heading - give it a class of myHeading
  • Update the a font decoration such as underline or strikethrough
  • Add new heading to the canvas
  • Select the Global Class and update the font-color
  • Note that your initial H1 will update too
  • Update the text decoration on the global class
  • Your original H1 with an explicit class won’t update, but you explicitly gave it styles.

This is just an FYI, you may well already know and understand this.

If you can share your read-only links, and point us in the direction of the specific classes you’re having issues with, it will help us take a closer look.

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