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Cannot style headings in Rich Text Blocks without it affecting *all* headings

Hi again :wave:

Another issue with Rich Text Blocks following yesterday’s issue. This time it’s when I try to style headings in the Rich Text Block.

  1. I add a Rich Text Block
  2. I apply a class
  3. I double-click on an element inside the Rich Text Block to add a H1
  4. I press Esc so I can select the child elements
  5. I click on the H1 I added earlier
  6. I select All H1 Elements in the selector and I nest it in the class I added
  7. I discover that the styles I’ve just added have applied to All H1 Elements on my site

I doubt I’m doing something wrong here. It must be another bug.

The only step I would suggest to have a second look is the 6 one.

Be sure to click on the class to nest the style to the rich text element, when nested should look like this:


@aaronocampo thanks for your reply. I did that though and I still have the issue :man_shrugging:

Try to remove the element and add it again. Also try to add a different class and nest the style to that different class.

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