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Does anyone know of a similar product to Gravity Flow that can be used with Webflow?

I’m interested in integrating a business process workflow product with the ability to link forms (projects applications with review forms).

Something similar to WordPress’s Gravity Forms / Gravity Flow.

Can anyone suggest a Webflow-compatible way of doing this?


All you need is a product that can support being embedded via JS or an Iframe OR why not just spin up a Wordpress install with gravity forms / add Gravity Flow and link to the form pages from your WF site?

IMHO Webflow is not a fit all solution, nor was it designed to be. On the web, your visitor is just a click away from features or apps you want to share. So you can overcome limitations when needed.

Determine your requirements in detail, then find products that meet them. If you need to integrate, look at API’s available with the tools you are potentially using. Not easy but necessary.

Thanks, that’s very helpful.

You’ve given me some excellent routes I can experiment with – especially if I can’t identify a non-WordPress product that does the job of Gravity Flow.

I really agree with your last point too, about detailing requirements. I’ve recommended going through the design process to my client before getting too wedded to product or platform.

Now, if it weren’t for the ludicrous deadline…

Thanks again.

You can also look into using Zapier to integrate with a similar flow as Gravity.

Just my two cents.

Thanks to your tip I found a Zap that integrates Gravity Forms with Webflow here This could work nicely – though I feel I need to experiment with this before charging ahead with a client project that is reliant on this.

With thanks

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