Does anyone know of a cheap non expensive form builder

does anyone know of a cheap non expensive from builder that works with Webflow Through code snippet or whatever. Money is an issue.


I’m assuming you mean form builder? Wufoo and Typeform are good options!

Usebasin is the best and cheapest I’ve found for integrating with Webflow

What happened to your previous topic about this @Michael1? :slight_smile:
Anyway, my answer would be sumo’s forms or typeform.
Actually, I just had a look and it seems Sumo did away with their form functionality :confused:. Oh, well, their stuff made your site sloooowww anyways. Still, meh.

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Thanks yah I mean form builder.

Jotform. Easy to use and integrate into your site. Free!


I’m with you Paul. I rediscovered jotform last week. Free plan is 100 submits a month. The new mobile forms app is very cool. I like that they have payment form widgets with no extra fees on top of the gateway. (10 payment on free plan) . ALso some handy native integration like airtable … sweet.

Yes ive been using it for years - made some very complex enrolment forms. I have one client that is always in need of these forms - so ive earned quite a bit of revenue making them for her.

You can duplicate forms you’ve made and adapt them for something else - which can save a lot of time. Integrate Paypal, add conditionals. Its pretty amazing actually - I almost feel a little guilty that ive never had to pay them a bean to use it!

They also respond quickly to any questions you may have.

Basically I have two companies I love to use for making sites _ webflow and jotform.

Cognito is my favourite - logic built in for $10/month


As mentioned by @pauloram, is ace. Free tier is generous.

cognito, typeform are two best form builder in low cost…