Which external form builder is easy to integrate into webflow?

I’m looking for a simple way to integrate an external form builder service into a webflow site.

The single criteria:

  • no coding knowledge required apart from HTML and CSS (no JavaScript, no JQuery, no AngularJS, no Ruby… I have a headache already :innocent:)

Does any of you know of any simple solution?

I’m forever grateful!

Hey @sandor thats an interesting set of requirements there for a form builder :slight_smile: Can I ask why you need a form builder instead of using a Webflow form instead? Is there a set of requirements you need this form to be able to do that is not supported by Webflow?

Thank you Tim!
Do you mean it’s a complete nonsense? (It could be. I’m really confused by forms.)
The Webflow form builder would be perfect, but I’m looking for something else, in case my client ever wants to go over the 100 form submissions/month limit.

Ahhh ok, there are number of external form builders but the they all seem to use at least some jQuery / Javascript.

Is there any reason you wouldnt want the form to use any JavaScript?

I don’t know Javascript and looking for ways to do it without it.


They have a free plan if not a lot of data will be passed through. I HIGHLY recommend them.

Website: http://www.jotform.com/


Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for!! :slight_smile:

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