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Anyone tried 'Jotform' forms can offer opinion

New to Webflow and loving it. Has anyone tried using ‘Jotform’ and the new form ‘themes’ they provide(Mostly free) . I was able to customise a form and then embed the code into my practice site and it worked perfectly. I used the method of creating section/container then the ‘embed’ code feature which was a first time for me and the form(Which is responsive) worked great on publishing. Some of the forms are animated and look really slick. Also just wondering if anyone has any previous knowledge of ‘Jotform’ ,reliability issues etc as I haven’t tried any of their forms on any live sites yet and I wouldn’t want to waste too much time creating various forms for nothing. Much thanks and power to Webflow,its changed my future .

I’ve used JotForm a few times, it’s pretty reliable (I’ve never had any problems with it), pretty powerful (you can do lots of things with its “conditions” system), and it looks a bit nicer than some of the other form systems out there. The pricing is pretty reasonable too, in my opinion.

Thanks for the response @collut. Thats gives me some confidence in them and will persevere with creating some good looking forms. is another similar product. They are both very popular and reliable form solutions.

Wufoo is more expensive and limited compared to JotForm as it has a $14.95 a month for 10 forms and 500 entries, where JotForm has a $9.95 plan for an unlimited number of forms and 1000 entries. Wufoo also limits payments even in its paid plans. IMHO JotForm gives you more bang for the buck.

Thanks for the responses folks.They are both good systems but I think ‘Jotform’ gets my vote especially for the new themes section and total value for money.

Thanks for posting about this, I didn’t realise Jotform was cheaper than Wufoo. I prefer creating form submissions in this way because I’ve had problems in the past with html form submissions like Gravity Forms on Wordpress. Email deliverability can be a problem -sometimes emails are never delivered because of spam filters.

The only problem I find with Wufoo is that there can be a slight delay to load the form when the page loads. Does anyone have tips for speeding it up?