Does anyone have a free webflow account?

I am a novice web designer and I encountered a tricky problem after trying Webflow for the first time. I had learned from browsing other users that Webflow could export complete web pages, a capability rarely found in other platforms, so I was comfortable using Webflow to create my web pages.
When I got the page roughly done and try to publish it, I found out that there was a fee for exporting the code, and my country’s credit card did not support such transactions. After checking various information, the problem was still not solved.
So now I plan to transfer my finished web page to someone’s Webflow account (workspace) and ask him to export the code for me.
This is a one-time job and I am willing to pay some money for it. The prerequisite is that you accept WeChat transfers.

I am from a non-English speaking country, so please feel free to ask questions if I am not clear enough.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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It is possible to use a tool like wget (available on all platforms) to pull the content of a published site down to your local file system. Instructions on how to use it are available at Wget - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation and Top (GNU Wget 1.21.1-dirty Manual) as well as quick search online for site mirroring.

If you are hopelessly stuck share a readonly and published link and let me know.

Yeah, try to describe that to an No-Code Client.

Use to export your Code for free very easily. @evolution

It has basically solved all my problems, thank you very much!

I have learned something new, thanks!