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How to go about sharing a webflow site / project with a developer?

Hi Webflow team / crew?

My JTBD (Jobs to be done) here are:

I am looking to hire a CSS / JS Ninja to come in and help me with some of the harder UX interactions for the site I’m working on?

How would I go about doing this so that I can accomplish the following tasks.

  1. Allow a user to ONLY have access to that one webflow site / project , AND NOT all my webflow projects / sites? Is this possible?

  2. Be able to close access to the site when the project coding sprint is finished. But also have the opportunity to invite them back in later if needed. (Guessing, I could duplicate the original process if needed)

For those of you that have needed to do this, could you share with me how you went about doing it, and any tips / tricks you can pass on? thanks

I’m not from webflow but I do what you want to do.

Open an ORGANIZATION in Webflow. It’s not related to your plan. You can have a perso or pro plan, it does not matter. Open an organisation, the 2 seat org costs $70 a month.

Once done, you put whatever project you already have in it, and grant access to another guy. This guy only need a free Webflow account. he will only see the projects and templates you’ve put in the organization and you can revoque him whenever.

You can open several organizations.

Go to your account settings and click on Organization

Then go back to Dashbord, you’ll get My Sites, then your org(s)

-or- can I Mcyver hack a less costly solution…hmmmm… [keep reading…]

thanks Vincent for sharing how you go about doing this

Maybe I’m too used to hacking things to work for oneself (I grew up on a tv show called McGyver :wink:

But as a more cost effective solution at least for the start until I need to have 2+ more shared projects, would it not be a better solution or a workable one to create a 2nd account for $20 a month (Thus taking my cost to $40 p/month, almost 50% cheaper than the team account at $84 p/month) / Account math works out at 4 accounts @ $20 = the Team $84.

This account would be for each dev person I invite to the project. So either each new $20 account per month is for a new client project -or- a new developer I’m working with (this works better b’c it allows us to have up to 20 project sites for each developer I give the Username / Password to)

Problems or challenges I see with this hacking Webflow’s account structure to my needs would be

  • could I share these templates later with another account?
  • any other issues I haven’t forseen?

Of course, once I have enough client projects or developers that I’m pulling in to help me with css / Javascript code, it would be a great fit at $84 p/month… But I just am not there yet, and don’t need this full scale funcationality each and every month. Such a bootstrapper I am with watching my dev dollars ;0

any input from others would be appreciated.

I guess you can always go pro for a month in oder to transfer any site.

WF is a very simple tool with a very complicated plan system (:

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