Does anyone get ~1 second for first view on

I’m doing some basic performance testing of our current non-webflow site on, and seeing about 3 seconds for first view (it feels slower).

I am wondering if anyone here has done tests at for their webflow site and get 1 second or less for first view.


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Depend on the content, image sizes, videos, custom code, and so on. This is a huge topic.
Example of empty page

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webpagetest have endless options for tests (The deafult is With very slow internet connections - 5/1 Mbps so load time not make sense ).
read her

Pingdom and gMatrix are better in my opnion (more accurate)

Start here to learn about this topic:

thanks - i realize there are a lot of things that can come into play - the other webplatform seems to load a ton of scripts that add a small delay that is very noticeable even for simple sites before the user’s cached that stuff (based on what I’ve seen).

I assume that your empty site had the basic webflow framework scripts come down with it - how many network requests were there (or I could probably hit that site in your screenshot to see, I guess).

I haven’t used pingdom or gMatrix before so thanks for that tip.

Again - the avarge in USA for example is: 18.7 (I use 100mb). So even a site with “hello world” for webpagetest takes 1.86 second to load.

Yes. Her the test

Amazon hosting

Amazon hosting :slight_smile: Is crazy technology. No way to get such speed and technology by regular site hosting

Webflow Tiny CSS files

Vs deafult bootstrap / bulma / foundation and so on (100-200kb for the minify CSS only) - webflow start with 5-8kb

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Getting first view under 1s involves a lot of manual tweaking. It is NOT possible within Webflow.

Things to consider:

  • Rewrite simple IX2.0 animations into plain CSS (e.g. fade-ins) so they don’t rely on jquery&webflow.js
  • use plain javascript (often called vanilla js) instead of jquery for simple interaction triggers
  • Reduce Webfonts (Subset Fonts)
  • Integrate lazyload behaviour for images (inline placeholder images)

As you can see, a whole bunch of things to take care of. First view anywhere between 2-5s should be considered acceptable at this point.