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Do you think that doable in webflow?

Hi everyone,

Do you think, that animation can doable in webflow?


Which animation are you referring to?

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hi @serhad, I do not see why not, you probably would need to setup multiple page load interactions with different delays for different interactions… i.e. you setup the first interaction for the navbar and countdown, set delays, then animate the hero sections, with more delays between animations.

Take peek:


I am curious about this too. If you notice, on scroll down, the cc and the phone rotate in 3d space. I’m guessing there is no way to import 3d elements if not built within webflow.

I saw a website a while back where a designer was able to achieve the 3D phone effect using several inside/outside box shadow effects on a single div. He was able to give the single div block 3D interactions as well.

Douglas achieved a similar effect here: (all inside of Weblfow + NO custom code)

Hope this helps and happy new year to you all!

Serhad, I made a quick little demo to get the bulk of the effect done in Webflow.

Most of the pre-loading animations with the 3D transforms can be done with interactions 1.0. However I didn’t get to building the scrolling 3D transforms that can be done with interactions 2.0.

Here’s a quick little demo that I build all inside of Webflow; it isn’t done and I don’t know if I’ll finish it at all.

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