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Do paid templates always stay within the account if I delete a project using them?

I just want to know

I have 20 projects right now, and need to delete one because of I need to create a new one…I have one that is using a template that I paid for…

If I delete that project (that is connected with that paid template) will I still be able to create a new one later and link to the paid template?

or will I lose the paid template when I delete this project site?


p.s Crossing fingers for archiving projects :wink:

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Hi @LvnLife,

Great question! Actually the templates that you purchase are always available to you after you’ve purchased them. You’ll be able to create new sites off of them, and we give you the option of repurchasing them if you need a new license for it ;).

You can view all of your templates here: and clicking on “Choose Template” on the template detail page will give you the ability to re-use the template.

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