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Can't switch Client billing from Annual to Monthly

Hi everyone

I’m in urgent need of help as I have had zero response from the Webflow team on this :frowning:

My client pays for an annual site plan but the guy who authorised it left and they shut his credit card down, they have now missed two payment warnings. However, they wish to move to a monthly charge which I cannot seem to set up. I’m a bit hesitant to put in their new CC details as they’ll be charged for the whole year, which is something they DON’T want to do!

I was told by a Webflow Bot that there was an option in the site settings > Hosting where I could change this, but the annual / Monthly tabs they show in the video they shared do not appear on my settings page.

Can someone please, urgently help me as I’m worried they are about to get their third strike and it will default to the basic site plan and not sure what it will do with all the CMS content?



Hi Dom,

this sounds like a topic for webflow support.
They usually answer fast and are very helpful!
Discussing billing details is difficult in a forum since we can’t and shouldn’t know details of your client or their billing.

You might need to click through the support bot first, but after that, you can tell the bot your issue which will be sent to a webflow support employee.

Hope this helped!