Dns_probe_finished_nxdomain ( help please )

Hi I have a problem with my domain after I add here, now I have www.www. and not www. I was trying everything to solve it but I cant not find the issue.
Can you plese help me ?
my domain is www.premicore.ch

I really need you help to fix it thanks so much!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @Premicore_Design_Stu,

Can you please confirm what the primary domain (www, or premicore) has been set to in the webflow hosting settings.

With the settings on the Cloudflare DNS, your webflow default domain should be the ‘www’.

Also, I note that you have added a TXT record for premicore.ch pointing to: proxy-ssl.webflow.com; not sure why that record would be created?

If you can add a screenshot of your webflow hosting settings, there might be something else we can spot.


Hi @knk Thanks so much to reply me the primary domain is premicore, I should change to www. ? I still dont find the issue and I have not a support to help me

@knk thanks so much for your message, I got back in the dns and make everything www. and now works perfectly! thx

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Hi @Premicore_Design_Stu

That’s great…Well done :smile: