Divider is changing height on it's own

Okay, I know it sounds weird but I have a page where i use two different dividers twice (one is narrower and the other wider and one is centered and the other one is on the left side of a div box, other than that no differences). I set a div box to 1 px height and a custom width and I made the background black, this way I get the effect of a divider. The only thing is that no matter what I do two dividers from different types have a height of two pixels, while in the settings it says the height is still one pixel. I have tried seperating the classes and making two exactly the same but with different classes, adding the same class and copy-and-pasting the thin divider and deleting the thick divider but every time one of the dividers just turns back to a height of two pixels.
Can somebody please tell me what I am doing wrong

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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^This helps the community problem solve.

Second, it’s likely that the classes were removed but not deleted and the settings are stored in Webflow.

This is my read only link, the problem appears on the page company with the four dividers there. The problem somehow only appears sometimes and not always even though I haven’t changed anything on this page for a while.


Everything looks normal to me. I’m not seeing the 2px divider anywhere.