Invisible linie in Chrome

Hi everyone, I’ve just launched the first webpage via Webflow: It is a basic site with not many elements. However, I’ve found that black horizontal line (as a border on Div Block) which is visible in Safari, in the same time is invisible in Chrome.

Can you help me to fix this issue?

I’m in chrome currently and can see the black line, is that the one you are refering to?

Yes, it is this line. I’ve checked on two different computers (Mac) and on both it was invisible in Chrome but visible in Safari. When the browser was scaled from 100% to 110% it suddenly appeared. Scaling down to 100% led to disappearance again.

I believe I may have found the issue. You have the border set to 0.5px which is half of 1 pixel. Hence why you will only see it on zoom… Interesting how I was able to view it yesterday but not today.

You want to swap

border-bottom: 0.5px solid #272727;


border-bottom: 1px solid #272727;

on class: line-no-1


Yeah there is no such thing as a half-pixel, as a pixel is already the smallest unit.