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Trouble with border-width under 1px

I’ve got a problem under one of my pages(home-3):

The issue is with the separate lines, I created a separate line and named it under the class ‘Separater line’ now I placed these lines under each image of every block, the thing is that in some images(the 1st for example ) i can see the seperater line and in other nothing, can’t see them. tried to play with z index and other things and i couldn’t figure it out, what should i do?
I appreciate all the help and thank you all in advance.


Here is my public share link:

Hi Guy
I tried to look for a solution to the problem, but haven’t found any which will fix the problem and still match your style.
If you try to change the height of the “Seperater line” class to 4px. You can see that they indeed are there, but for some reason not when you change height back to 0.5px.

Truly strange :confused:


Thanks for taking a look, something is going on there and I’m hopeless, I realized that if I change the image size they appear as well but why? i whish webflow would take a look on that…

Hi @Guy_Cohen, Check out this article, it may help:

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Thanks @cyberdave, what I learned from the link is that it’s impossible to draw a line on screen that’s thinner than one pixel, this conclusion would be a great answer to me if my 0.5px didn’t show at all but it sometimes shown for some blocks and sometimes not, sometimes if I reduces the size of the image above it’s shown and sometimes not, why, according to this conclusion it shouldn;t need to be shown at all.
Do you recommend moving to 1 px, or try the 0.1 % example that they gave there?


This article is old but maybe can help you Yes We Can Do Fraction Of A Pixel

thanks @AntonioBalderas it helped me a lot.

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