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Divide Tab buttons with Headings

I was looking to divide tab buttons into sections with headers (example below), but I notice you cannot insert any text or headings between tabs. Any ideas on a workaround or am I missing something?

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No, the Tab element is protected so you don’t break it too much. I too wish I could insert decoration into the tab bar.

However, unlike the Slider element, the Tab element is pretty easy to craft by hand. It’s a series of links with interactions hooked to them, showing and hiding other sections. With a medium knowledge of how IX2 works, and good planning, you can achieve this and make it solid. It will in the end be less practical to handle because there won’t be a setting to change active tab easily to edit its content. But if you make each tab content a symbol, and gather all the symbols on a dedicated page, you can edit all the content there without to have to manipulate your interaction.

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Thanks @vincent I will look in to that as a workaround. Happy New Year