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Can't customise "tabs element" to fit my design. Any advice?

Hello there,

I need to customize the tabs element to create a step by step guide of our different products. I thought this was going to be fairly easy since the design is very simple (design see below). However apparently you can’t add non-tabs elements in tabs so I can’t add one of the headings (+text box) (Step 1 in the design) to the tabs menu. I can’t take the two other headings out of the tabs element since the text in the text block below needs to change with each tabs option.

How can I add the heading where it needs to be without any sizing or functionality issues?

(I am quite new to webflow without any coding or web design experience so I would prefer an easy solution if you have it :slight_smile: )

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Twinwin website