Tabs Left and Right - workaround with IX2

I have spend the better part of a day trying to find a way to make the tabs position both left and right, the tabs need to be part of the CMS too, I can get the tabs left or right thats easy but both is a nightmare. I cannot thing of a solution other than manually positioning absolute and using interactions to hide content.

Here is what I’m trying to create.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @bennraistrick

Off the top of my head…I also thought divs with interactions rather than tabs!

It needs some polish and there might be better ways, but I came up with this fairly quickly - if it saves you some time, i’m happy to make it cloneable:

Preview link:

(Btw: ‘Tab’ 1 shows on load - achieved by having a Z-index of 1)

Hope it’s useful :slightly_smiling_face:

You legend that’s perfect, if you can make it cloneable that would be awesome.