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DIV not responsive

Hi all,
I have a spacing issue from desktop to mobile on my site. In the header I would like to have my description text (UI Designer…), right under my name in large letters next to my picture. This looks fine on desktop, however on mobile it doesn’t format correctly. Anyone have any insight?


What do you mean by “correctly”? What is the end-state you’re looking at?

Your Paragraph 7 has a margin-top of 50px on tablet, pushing it lower than it should.

I showed you how to at that :grinning:

Remember don’t add styles to “Individual Elements”. Instead add styles to the parent divs or wrappers. I have the vertical spacing/padding and margin on the “Hero Text - Left”.

You will tweak the Typography and Margin/Padding. To fix spacing between content, use the Line Height on the Typography for text. It will decrease spacing that will keep your responsive proportions.

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