Spacing help on my site

Hi, How can I add spacing after the header image and the first link of text “as seen on”? also i’d like to add a line break “___________” after the “as seen on” like I have further down on the page under the “latest post”. I’d also like to add space between the logos under “as seen on” and the content below it.

Here is my site Read-Only:

To increase space under the hero image, just set a height for Div Block 36. It’s already at a default height of about 75px, so just type in a higher number if you want more.

For the line break, copy that Med Divider you have under Container > Section Heading, and paste it up the page under H2 Heading 12. Adjust the margin & padding to line it up under “As seen on” text, and increase the width % to whatever % you want.

THank you. The only thing that doest work is getting the line break right under the “as seen on” title. Do you know how to fix this?

Also is there a way to bring the text in the “about me” second closer to the image? In the designer it looks fine, but when I go to my site, there’s a large space in between.

Hey @Ashley_Janelle

just select the column that the photo is sitting in and add text-align: rightfrom the Typography settings

Btw the typography and the hero images are looking great, you are looking beautiful on those photos.

The Med Divider (line break) has a negative top margin, which is pushing it above the “As seen on” text. Just remove that.

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