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Spacing help for desktop/mobile on my site

How can I put space between these two paragraphs? Also, how can I stack them on top of each other for mobile?

This is on the Services page.

Hey Ashley,

I can see that you placed the two paragraphs in a Grid. However, it would suit you better if you placed the two paragraphs in Columns and then place the Columns inside a Container (so it preserves the over all width of the content.) Then in the setting panel for the Columns, you can see that on mobile devices they will stack on top of each other by default.

As for adding more space between the paragraphs, you can either just increase the padding within each individual column, however this will make you paragraphs take up more vertical space or you can take the Columns out of the container and just set width to what ever you desire in the Styles panel, then play with the padding and positioning of each paragraph to your liking.

Hope that helps.

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