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Div Not Displaying - Not Hidden, But Doesn't Show Up

For the life of me I cannot figure out why the “Brands We Carry” section displays the gallery of logos in the designer, but in preview and on the published site it doesn’t display.

I’ve triple-checked that none of the elements are set to be hidden, and that all of them are set to display on all devices, so I’m stumped. I’m sure this is somethign relatively easy I’m overlooking and my brain just isn’t functioning.

Thanks for your help!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Because the logo elements are without any size. Since you made it use background images rather than actual images you will have to put in sizes for the blocks. In designer they are shown for your convenience but in reality they have dimensions of 0, hence invisible :slight_smile:

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On those image blocks, do you see the “Grey Border” around the div’s? That means there’s no sizing for the browser to display. Give those outer div’s a - width & height designation.

  • OR -

Put in an image block inside the div. You have the image as a background image. Remember background images/color don’t actually effect a divs display settings (which is why we use them when text needs to overlay the image)

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Thank you! I got it!

Thank you! This explains it very well! All fixed now.

Not a problem, glad to help, have fun!

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