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Div in Animation not Moving While scrolling in View

I am trying to figure out the “While scrolling in View” interaction.
Whatever I do the animation always stays stuck at the 0% state.
I have a simple site with 3 sections. 1 and 3 are just filler.
Section 2 has a “While scrolling in View” interaction and a block inside.
In the scrolling animation I have move-keyframes at 0% and 100%

x: 0px

x 900px

however when I scroll on the actual page the block stays at 0px
I have compared my site to the parallax example but I can find no difference.

Here is my site:

Hi @NicoSch, I changed the status of this to bug, as this looks strange for sure, I am checking this out and as soon as I have an update, I will notify right away.

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