Wierd animation move bug

I have some problems regarding a simple move animation.

It seems that the text that i have animated from 70% → -100% is glitching when scrolling into view and i don’t know why.

I have a side-scroll just before this section and my guess is that it can be because of that. Would really appreciate some help on how to fix this properly

see the problem:


It’s not glitchy for me. It can be glitchy in the Designer but then it’s not on preview or published. Happens often.

there’s a side scroll bug on your site you may not see but depending on peoples setup, it can. Don’t use 100VW for your sections width, use 100%.

Thanks for checking it out so fast! the glitch happens for me on my macbook pro 16" even on the “live” site.

Thanks, great addition!
was following the tutorial and forgot to change the vw to %!

I added a section in between the side-scroll and move section and it seems to have made the glitch smaller! not the greatest solution tho

(ignore. Still a problem)