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Need help with 'while scrolling in view interaction'

I’m trying to make a ‘while scrolling in view’ interaction on a section on my website, but something really weird is happening.
I selected the object I wanted to apply the interaction to and set it’s 0% move (y) at 0px and 100% at 470px.
When I live preview it and start scrolling down, the timeline jumps all the way to 36%. When I scroll up it won’t let me go up to 0%. I keep scrolling the timeline between 36% and 100%.
Please see the video.

Is this normal or am I missing something?
@webflow I can pm my read-only link.
Thank you.

try using the page scroll trigger instead of the scroll while element is in view trigger

I totally misinterpreted what 0% means… It’s starting to make sense now that the animation starts at 36%.
I think I’ll try to use a sticky library; it might be more suitable for this project.
Thanks anyway :slightly_smiling_face:

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