Wrap a DIV around something instead of putting something in a DIV

It’s actually not instead but more also.

In the context of Webflow, <span> is really useful only for texts, I guess, as words are already inline and you can wrap a span around some of them. For all other elements, we actually put them inside a <div>

Could we WRAP elements sometimes? I mean, I already have my layout set, it looks great, works for the most part, I’m working on a neat interaction, then I realise I miss a nesting level, or for whatever reason it makes it simpler to WRAP this image in a

. Could we select the image and click somewhere to WRAP it in a div?

And even better, could this work also for links? How often are you placing your elements before the needed link block? I often do, so I often drag something somewhere just to drag it back inside something I put in its place.

Thanks for listening.


Hurray for the Feature tag!


+1 for this. I would also use it it would save me lots of clicks.
It would be OK to have it under right click for example.

Recently spoke with @vincent on this proposed feature, it would be a really nice one to add. Vincent said maybe being able to drag an element on screen while holding the alt/option key would wrap it around other elements (effectively becoming the parent of a group of elements).

Another idea would be if we could select elements in the navigator panel and then nest them into a parent div. Using a similar UI to putting elements in a folder in Photoshop. :slight_smile:

Could combine the ideas, maybe selecting the items to nest within some kind of parent element, then being able to drag that parent element (whether it’s a div, link block, container, section etc.) to let us nest items inside of it easily. :smile:

Great idea @vincent :smiley:

Any thoughts on this @brryant @callmevlad @thesergie ?

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I think the option to simply “multi-select” html structure or items within the navigation panel, maybe via control + click, or alt + click to grab/move a bunch of structure at once would at least make re-arranging or “wrapping” something into something much easier. Currently we have to drag everything one by one if we change the html structure.