Responsive flexbox grid!

Hey all,

any help here would be greatly appreciated!

I’ve created 3 images within a flex box - 2 squares and 1 rectangle (which is exactly double the width of the square). I’m trying to get these 3 assets to sit neat and organised, but upon previewing the site, the images click to a different size after about 10 seconds. I’m absolutely stumped as to why this is happening.

As a second part to this question, I’d like the images to scale to a certain point, and then stack neatly when the window is minimised (for example, a row of 3 images becomes a row of 2, the 3rd stacking underneath).

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I dont’ have a problem with the sizes… they are all the same.

when you get to smaller viewports, change the direction of Div block 7 to vertical and add some margin or padding