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Div Block Problem- can't place it on top or under another div block. Only left or right

Hi Webflow community,

I’m a newbie to Webflow and I’ve been trying to build my portfolio website following Webflow University tutorials. In part 4 of “Creating a custom portfolio” at 4:36, the tutorial guy places the Div Block for project description under the 1st Project Image. When I try to add another Div Block, it will only let me place the div block to left side or the right side of the Collection List but not on top or under. This is just a specific example but I’ve been dealing with this problem since the beginning of the tutorial. I worked my way around it but I don’t want to keep creating a new section, new container and place a div block in the container to achieve the same result.

Also, the tutorials have the old style panel so It’s been difficult understanding what I’m doing wrong with the new style panel. It’s been so frustrating. Any Help would be appreciated.

Any Help would be appreciated! Thank you for reading and your time!!

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Hi Dashmoon,

Welcome to Webflow and the Webflow community.

Webflow is such a great and powerful tool, but it can be a bit of a learning curve too, and thus frustrations also come.

You’ve done the right thing to reach out to the community, stick with it.

Looking at your settings for ‘Project tt’ element, it appears you have set it to flex / horizontal (hence the left and right only when trying to add another div)

If you set that ‘Project tt’ element to inline Block

You should be able to insert the new div as you want.

Hope that helps,


Yes! Setting it to the inline block solved the problem. Thank you so much knk! I appreciate your help greatly.

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Good to hear.

Glad to help.

Please mark as solved, so others may also find the solution if they encounter the same problem.


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