Images and div blocks are not contained within the desktop and mobile webpages

Hello, if you scroll right or left on my website, you’ll see that there is bunch of white space on the side. How can I contain the elements inside of the webpage?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey Dennis,

Can you elaborate a little more, or share a screenshot.

Looking at your ‘read-only’ link your website seems to render correctly?


Hi Keiran, great to hear from you. See the image attached:

Do you see how the images don’t cut off? I tried to adjust the overflow attribute but that doesn’t work for some reason.

Thanks Dennis,

OK, so I’m not seeing the same rendering from your ‘read-only’ link? (See image below.)

What I think may be happening though (and I’m not certain because the interactions you have are not showing correct ‘target elements’ in the ‘read-only’), I see that the image elements (23 & 25) are set to position:absolute.

An Absolute position will remove it from the document flow and therefore it’s not really ‘inside’ it’s parent element (in this case Div Block 1), consequently it will not be affected by any settings you place on the parent (like overflow hidden).

I’m flying a little blind here, but change the position to ‘relative’ and see what affect it has.

Let me know how you get on,


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Awesome! Great Stuff :+1: