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Hi! Is there a way to display Amazon reviews for a product on a Webflow site? I noticed there was a widget for it through elfsight, though they charge money for it. Wordpress also seems to have widgets for it, though I assume those can’t be exported for use on here.


Webflow does not have a plugin architecture nor does it allow for PHP or other application code to be run. Elfsight builds JavaScript components that do work on almost any site. While they are not free they are of excellent quality and are supported. So if you are searching the web for a solution, limit it to something built with JavaScript since It may then be compatible with Webflow.

Hey @ACL !

We make a reviews widget specifically for Webflow which has enhanced customization and doesn’t need any add’l no-code workflows to send Call To Review emails. It’s free forever on staging domains – would love for you to give it a try!

We also offer a free migration for anyone who needs reviews from any third party service (like amazon) into Monto if you’d like.

Holler if you have any questions! hello@monto.io

Hello folks!

@webdev thanks a lot for your kind words and your recommendation!

@ACL We do have several plans for our widgets, but we also provide free Lite plan which is not restricted either in time or functionality. You’re very welcome to test the widget out to the full and reach to our support in case of any questions :slight_smile:

Here’s the widget for you to check - Embed Amazon Reviews widget on your Website (easy and fast).

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