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Display Items Based On Collection Reference

Here’s one for you guys…

I have 40 Collections, 3 of these collections I use as Reference filters. These include:

  • Category
  • Price
  • Location

How can I pull in items within any Collection that is related to one of these references?

Here’s an example…

Under my ‘Category’ Collection, I have the reference ‘Ferrari’.

How can I create a Collection list that pulls in any item that is using ‘Ferrari’ as the Category Reference?

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Hi @radicalrooster, thanks for your message.

You can add a collection list first the Category collection template page and bind that to the Category collection

Then insert your elements into the collection list and bind your element to the reference field you wish to show and set a filter( Filter Collection Lists ) to only show the elements where there is a matching reference for the current category.

To help further, could you help to share your project read only link ( Share a project’s read-only link).

Thanks in advance

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Thanks for your reply @cyberdave!

Apologies, here’s my read-only project link -

I don’t think I explained it as clearly as I should - I don’t want to filter a single Collection, I want to pull in any items that are filtered within a Collection Reference. For example…

I have 37 Collections, all of which use another Collection called ‘Price’ as a Reference field. This Price Collection Reference has various monetary values such as ‘Under $50’, ‘$100-$250’, ‘$250-$500’ etc.

I want to create a new static page that pulls in any items within any Collection that has a certain item as a Reference.

For example: Pull in any item within any Collection that references my ‘Price’ Collection as $100-$250.

I hope that makes sense?

Hi @radicalrooster, at the moment that is not possible, you would have to add a collection list to each of the collection template pages and then show the references from there.

You can also go to to the Price collection, then add up to 20 collection lists on a single page to show items that have matching references, but not possible to retrieve values across multiple collections like that, if I understand what you are trying to do.

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Thanks for your reply @cyberdave.

Yes, that’s what I was trying to do - Pull in items that are within a Collection Reference.

Any other ideas how this may be possible? I can’t seem to find any sort of way to reference multiple Collections at once.

Hi @radicalrooster, that is not yet possible but may be possible when we release the Nested Collections feature:

I hope this helps