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Display a collection page inside a DIV

Hello, I’m trying to display collection pages inside a DIV. Can collection pages be targeted inside a DIV?

I have a portfolio page with a navigation structure based on two vertical DIVs. When you choose one DIV it becomes wide and shows a Dynamic List and the other becomes a narrow column at the side of the screen.

When a DIV is displayed wide a Dynamic List is shown. Can I make the Collection Pages linked on this list display or be targeted inside another DIV or Container? That way I could hide the Dynamic List and show the Collection Page through an interaction.


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Hi, I have the same question. Seems like a reasonable question, but I can’t figure it out either. Any help would be super!

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Hi @Hector_Munoz_Huerta, it think your public share link does not work.

I like your idea! But I think what you want to do is not possible without coding. BUT you could try to fake it. By clicking on the div, you could link it to the real collection page, which needs to look exactly like the first page at the beginning. But than you start the interaction after page loading and the collection page gets shown. Hope that helps…