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Collection list inside a collection page

I am attempting to build a Collection page that Also allows users to navigate to the other collection pages (a la youtube’s standard video page, with a collection list of links on the right side, and the collection page’s unique items on the left, (where the video would be.) but the collection list (on the collection page) seems to only be able to pull from that single collection item, rather than the collection list as a whole. Is it possible to pull from the collection list as if this part were a standard page?

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to add a collection list on your page choose the element collection list and drag it to the desired location

then add the element you want inside the collection item container, and choose the field you’re looking to populate that area with.

thanks for the reply wholeycheez, that doesnt solve my problem, because on my collection page, I cannot select collection items that draw from the whole collection, instead of just that page’s collection item. For example I’m trying to populate a div with images from each of the collection items’ thumbnail image, but it will only let me pull from the images field:

I also just realized that it may be possible to workaround this issue by nexting the collection page inside of a column on a normal page. has anyone got experience trying to do this?

I discovered that using a page built to contain my collections list, and iframe, I can nest the standard page (with the collections list) on my collection page!