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Disable singular pages being built from Collection

This ask seems like it should be an easy one, but I’m finding it difficult to figure out. Since Webflow uses Collections as a database, I’m using that to build out a list of Integrations and fields for each. But I don’t want singular pages being built for each Integration because they’re not needed. I just want to use that list on a page to list them out, and then filter them via JS (this I know is possible).

Is there no mechanism for building out a per page database? Do I have to design that page and create 10’s of similar blocks to get this to work? I would love to even be able to create a JSON or YAML object and use that on a page. Hopefully, this exists.

I realize an option is to create the Collection and abandon each singular page or just redirect them, but to me, that’s just bad SEO practice.

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They’re not being built. Even if Webflow publishes some pages as flat, the Collection pages (CMS nodes) are built on request, like in any other CMS that’s not published as flat (published as flat means all the CMS pages are built and published as static pages, this is sometime done for efficiency and during peaks of traffic). So they don’t exist and no one will see them if you don’t link to them from inside a collection list on your static pages.

Awesome. Thank you Vincent. I wish I was able to figure that out first! So these singular pages will also be excluded from a sitemap as well?

If no link links to any cms node, then I don’t think they’re part of the sitemap.

Ok. I’ll take a look when I publish and report back with findings. Thanks again.

That would be great of you!