Hide certain CMS pages

Hey hey,

I’m building a site for a recruitment agency that I work for. I’m having an issue with how to build certain functionality into my CMS for a ‘Meet the Team’ section.

So we have 4 divisions. And in each division, there are both recruitment consultants and support staff. I currently have one collection for all of the staff members. I have displayed each division in its own collection list using the filter functionality.

I am using the CMS collection template pages to create an ‘about me’ page for each recruitment consultant (testimonials, current roles they’re hiring, bio and contact details).

My issue stems from this. The support staff (Admin, Marketing, Office Manager, Receptionist) don’t require these pages, nor do they have the content to populate the pages.

What is the best way to ensure the support staff have no pages linked to them and the recruiters do?

I thought to get the URL of the items I want to have pages and put it in the CMS collection as a URL field and connect it to a link block whilst leaving it blank for the items I don’t want to have a page for. However, this would leave ghost pages that can still be found and indexed by Search Engines

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You’ve got two options.

The first is to suppress individual CMS items by flagging them, and then doing a bit of header wizardry for the benefit of Googlebot. It’s easiest to explain with a video & cloneable, so I’ve created that here for you.

The second approach is to create another collection called Recruiters. EVERY recruiter has a page, and NONE of the team members has a page. SOME of the team members are recruiters, so you have a single-ref link from the Team Member to the Recruiter.

For the most part, you can accomplish everything you want that way, with fairly minimal double-up on data, and it only costs you one more collection.

Michael, thank you very much!

After sitting in a Webflow design hole for most of my 8 hour work day, I think I had scrambled eggs where my brain should have been. I could not for the life of me come up with a workaround for this :joy:

Thanks again!

I’m glad I could help, I’ve written up both solutions a bit more here as well;
Great question, and one I’ve been meaning to write up for awhile.