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Disable Navbars Sections current state

Hello All,

I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to disable the current state of a linked section within a page? My client does not want the links to change as you scroll through the page since some of the links go to external pages and some are within the page so it loses flow of the links highlighting in order.


just set the current state as same as the normal state? i means same color, came style.

Duh! Thanks for the tip!

Actually this does not work because whenever you are on the current section, the hover element does not work. I need a real fix. Why can’t I just disable this feature???

Hover does work! You just need to give the current-state it’s own hover style.

I ran into another problem. The current state also applies to the current page of each page of the site. I want to retain that functionality but disable the current state of a section in the page. Any way to do this?

Hey @DFink, just to clarify– are you asking to disable the Current feature completely?

Or do you want to keep it for page nav, but disable it for section nav?

I want to keep it for page nav and disable it for section nav if possible. The only thing my client doesn’t like is the fact that only some of the links go to sections in the page and as you scroll the page they don’t light up in order. I’d love to be able to have them go to the current state only when clicked but not highlight as you scroll.