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Want to get rid of the current state in Navbar

Hi guys,

is there a way to get rid of the current style of the navbar links? It overwrites the hover style which i want to keep further on each link in my navbar.

Thanks in advance !

You can’t, but can’t you add a :hover state to the class+current link?

Yes i already did this. But the current state disable the hover state :confused:

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Make sure you are applying the hover state to the “current” class. The hover state on the current class should not be overridden, it doesn’t override on my projects. If you don’t want a current state at all you can match the style between the non current state and the current state.

I might be misunderstanding what you want to do, if you post a public link we might be able to assist you further.

Hi @aykut ! If you set the initial link style for the Current class for a link, it should not interfere with the hover state for the link. Do you have a public link to your site, that we can look at, or your can also send a support request to, and we can take a look at your site.

More info on read-only links here:

Cheers, Dave

Hi everyone,

sorry for the late reply.

This is the public link:

In the preview it seems that the current are overwritten from the hover state but after publishing it shows a different result.

Thanks in advance!

I’ve got a slight problem with my current states as well. I’ve got a nav dropdown called “Träning” controlling my tab (along with the regular tab navigation) using a javascript (

But when visiting each tab using the navigational dropdown, my nav dropdown link gets a blue “current state” (only visible when using the published website link: .

I can’t access and customize this class as it won’t show up in the Webflow UI.

Any thoughts on this @cyberdave or anyone?

Public Link:

I would also like to access the current state class for the nav.
I have a Contact link in the top nav that anchor links to the page footer.
If you click the link from a tablet/phone using the collapsed menu icon, then view the menu again, the Contact link is blue.


It’s very easy, just found out this video here:
It shows how to do it step by step


Hehe thanks, but in my case…I just figured out I could just change the link to another element and then put it back again.

I’m so utterly stupid sometimes.


@OrangePeel, thanks for the share :slight_smile:

You’re welcome, it was easier than i thought,
Found it right here on the forums just by searching and lurking.
Thank you guys !