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Interactions 2.0 deselect element?

Does anyone have step they use when they’re finished using the interactions palette? I’ve noticed that when I’m working on an interaction I’ll move to select another element that has it’s own interaction which then gets wiped out because Webflow thinks I’m including this element it on the current interaction. This happens even if I “x” out of all interaction palettes. Somehow Webflow still thinks I’m working on this interaction and wants to include the element in it.

I keep getting trapped in this annoying loop where elements and interactions get swapped around.

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I know what you mean, you’ll need to start doing this:

exiting an interaction

When you want to exit an interaction, or stop using an element and to start over - click “Select Action”

This will remove all the steps from that element. Now the interaction will still show in the list, but it will remove that interaction from that specific element.

This will help ya moving forward!


Ah ha, what I was looking for. Thanks!

Muchas Gracias de nada, happy kwanzaa hanukkah, singing of the Kalanda! :church:



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