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Digital Asset Management Integration with Webflow?

Hi there

I have a client who wants to create essentially a ‘Media Zone’.

Which would be a webpage that runs along their current site, but they would have photographers upload photos from specific events (foldered and categories), where users with a login access are able to download the photos and assets.

Essentially something similar to Red Bull Content Pool but not to that size.

What I am trying to work out, is has anyone had any experience with integrating a 3rd party media library service into Webflow, that covers the theme I have mentioned above?

Ideally I would want it so contributors (Photographers) are able to mass upload whole albums from an event, which then populates and shows on the Live Webflow site.

Additionally, the client wants an option where photos can be downloaded in raw size (often it exceeds 5mb) but with the option of multiple downloads / entire folder downloads.

  • As there is nothing more painful then having a folder full of photos that you have to download one at a time!

I did originally look at Google Drive, but I worked out I would basically have to create every single possible folder in Webflow to match what is on Google Drive, then link them all up which isn’t ideal.

I have struggled to find any option out there that has any integration with Webflow. Most of them have seen Webflow as a rival - which is a problem since a DAM service for files over 4mb is something Webflow cannot currently offer , so I have had to find alternatives to merge into the site.

I have tried a few options out as a backup solution ready, as the client moved the deadline forward, since the main website was completed early…so they pushed the project forward (shot myself in the foot)

However I was just wondering if anyone has had experience doing a similar project before with Webflow and a DAM?

Hope someone can advise :slight_smile:

Many Thanks

I would suggest looking at Cloudinary.

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