Photography Website- plug in with FTP capabilities

Hi there designers! I’m new to the webflow forum. I am currently designing a website for a Photographer who wants a separate client page that allows his clients to look at their images and download what they want from the page. Does anyone have any ideas on what plug in can work with Webflow…ideally this client wants to use something similar to DMX zone gallery: CSS Image Gallery - Extensions - DMXzone.COM DMX Zone allows my client to upload his his images in an FTP without having to upload his images to the Assets folder one by one.

Open to suggestions please.
Thank you!

As a photographer I find Webflow a poor choice due to its handling of images and limitations. You can only run code that client side (JavaScript) not server side. I have used Cloudinary for some client projects but overall you typically need the ability to run server side code. So I usually opt for WordPress where there a plenty of options for photographers. Good luck with your project.

Thank you Jeff! Unfortunately Wordpress has been a huge issue. We have malware and it’s destroyed all the sites we have under that account and we’re looking to switch and hoping that Webflow could be the answer. I appreciate your response.

@Donna_M - Sorry to hear you had issues. I handle the hosting for all my clients as well as the plugin choices, and offsite backups as well. No issues in many years myself. As for choices, depends on skills. I have used Processwire for large art dealer sites. Handles the images flawlessly. It does not have an integrated designer, instead you convert standard HTML templates or custom code your own. All that really changes on photographer sites is the images really or blog. Security has been perfect with this platform. No vulnerabilities since I started using it 10+ years ago. I usually integrate Processwire with Cloudinary for the DAM which has lots of great features to manage all the images and automatically handle image delivery.

Another option is to use a site service build for photographers like Smugmug.

If you want to have a discussion let me know. I have been building sites since 1996.

@webdev Interesting. I would like to have a discussion if you have the time. I’m a new designer and hosting the site on Bluehost and it is a disaster due to the malware attack. Sitelock isn’t much help either even though we are paying them to protect it. How do I get in touch with you?

Direct message sent.