Difficulty understanding how to get started in Webflow.. steep learning curve for me

Why is it that webflow, like weebly, wix
, and so many others, REFUSE to use HUMAN language, in directions.

Why do they INSIST that all users have a five year degree, in computer programming, to use site?

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Hi @GwermanAmerican,

Like any powerful tool, Webflow has a bit of a learning curve. To help new users on their journey, The team has spent hours creating and curating many helpful and easy-to-follow videos and tutorials over on Webflow University. I’d recommend checking some of them out!

These courses are the perfect way to help jumpstart your journey into using Webflow and learning the ins and outs of the platform.

Hope this helps!

…and after you go over some tutorials in the Webflow University as suggested above, come back with specific questions. I’m sure you’ll find some help :smile: