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Problems learning Webflow - Be patient

For the past month’s i have seen lot´s of people complaining about learning webflow, that is difficult and not so easy like other apps. Well, i have some theory’s about that.

First "Rui´s Theory"

There are lot´s of app sites that let´s you make websites, but not like webflow. On those sites you can in fact make a website with lot´s of options, very cool. But you don´t have 100% control… you can custumise lot´s of things, but you can´t customise all, 100% pixel control.
So i cannot compare those cool websites builders with webflow.

Second "Rui´s Theory"

Before you chose your tool you have to ask your self, “what is my objective and what is my knowledge?
If you are someone that don´t have “website” skills i advise to go and build a website on other platform (like wix) that you can drag a gallery and custumise lot´s of things. It´s more easy for you and you will find your objective faster.

Third "Rui´s Theory"

If you are a webdesigner with some knowledge of html/css… dude, forget the rest, webflow is the tool for you, period.

If you are a webdesigner with no knowledge of html/css, webflow is still the best tool for you, but… really, you have to learn the very basic of html/css. If you want to be a professional, you HAVE to learn the basic.
I don´t want to scare you with code, technically you don´t have to learn code, you just have to learn the basic. Take one day, just one day and google for the basic stuff on html like , float type, display type, padding, margin… dude, really… just one day.
In my opinion, if you don´t know a little of html/css, you will never be a true professional.
Webdesigner is mush more that just photoshop, you have to learn to make a nice html structure for a better SEO.

Final "Rui´s Theory"

About webflow… my honest opinion, it´s a very easy tool. I find my self with a “stupid face” when i see people in the forum saying, “I found webflow last night and i found it very difficult, i cannot make a website”.
You found a tool and you expect to learn all the basic of the tool in 2 hours, are you kidding me?
If you want a professional tool, and if you are like me, 100% pixel control freak and if you are serious about building a website, DON´T BE LAZY, LEARN IT.
This is my final theory, people these days are to laZy, they want things to magically pop on the screen.
If you want something, work for it.

P.S. - Try to learn Photoshop, Dreamweaver, HTML and CSS… the “hardcore style”, and then you will see what is the definition of difficult.

gggrrrrr… jesus… i hate lazy people.


This goes for everything in the world. It’s easier to hate on things than to learn about it.

here! here!

After spending many, many years developing software (Visual FoxPro, Visual Basic, PHP, C++, C#), websites (HTML, CSS, JS), and Databases (SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle) from scratch - by hand and walking uphill to school in both directions…

What Rui says is [var bStatement = 1;]

I may complain every once in a while… but I absolutely love this tool.

This tool makes life easy - as it relates to developing client products… and YES - even brain storming.

On a daily basis… I’m using Webflow - heavily as a RAD/D (Rapid Application Design / Development) Tool.

Worth every penny. And I personally wouldn’t mind owning Stock in this company.

If you are complaining about this tool… try doing it the Old School way… and learn what’s actually happening under the hood.

You can do everything that Webflow is doing - by hand-coding. Just try it and learn a lesson or two.

Then… perhaps you might have the right to complain a little.