Different structure for each individual CMS item

Hi everyone! We are planning to use Webflow for Case Studies directory and all of our Case Studies have somewhat different structure (minus the obvious Client, Challenge, Description, etc"). Is it possible to have different structure for each case study or do they need to be locked it to a specific template where I can’t move sections around?

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The basic structure will be the same across all pages however here’s a technique you can use to create specific layout variations;

Also, make good use of conditional visibility, and the rich text element. You can do a lot with them.

Oh this is cool - thank you for sharing that! Does that mean that all layouts are displayed on the page and then hidden, using CSS or is that somehow filtered dynamically (so that we don’t have 10MB of invisible images on the page)?

It’s dynamically filtered using conditional visibility.

In Conditional Visibility, the elements are still in the page as HTML, but they are hidden.
Image elements that are hidden are not loaded by the browser, since they are not visible.

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